About me & this zine

I am originally from Europe (Germany) and came to Aotearoa (New Zealand) as a traveler in 2008. Falling in love with the place and a number of people I met, I continued to come back – and now I am living and studying here. Before I arrived on these shores I never made a zine although I worked in publishing, have always enjoyed writing and contributed to a feminist magazine for young women. It seemed like the zine culture embraced me here because the friends & lovers I met were often involved in DIY zine making.

During the anarcha-feminist hui in Auckland in 2009 we had a bunch of womyn wanting to discuss non-monogamy, and so we did. From then on I nurtured the idea of collecting people’s individual stories of their reasons, struggles and joys of multiple loving. A year later – right in time for the next anarcha-feminist hui in Wellington – copies of the first Juggling The Rainbow were passed through many hands.

I have declared myself non-monogamous for ten years now. What this means to me has changed over the years many times and on many levels [the nature of continuous living and growing] and me and others have tried to reflect some of these changes in our writing for JTR. One of my romantic relationships is almost five years old now and it is the longest partnership I have ever been in. It has also been the most difficult. The fact that I was always the one who would not part with non-monogamy (although often not practiced in ethical ways it should be practiced) while my partner would have preferred an exclusive relationship, has made our relationship subject to much negotiation, honest reflections, acknowledgement of difference, making amends and a lot of courage.

Setting up this blog (with the awesome help of my new lover) is not a replacement for JTR zine, but an access point and platform for feedback. Hopefully the zine project will develop and more people like to share their stories and by doing so comfort others and contribute to ideas of relationships beyond a monogamous norm.

With queer & juggling love


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