Zine Callout for JTR #4 – Taboos, Kink, Sex Work, Desires…

Curious & poly adventurous peeps!

It’s time for a new collection of your stories to create Juggling the Rainbow #4. I am going overseas at the end of the year, so I’m hoping we can make it happen before that plain takes off…

For this issue I would like to focus on specific “underground” themes which have links and intersections with polyamory. Have a look if any of these speak to you or portraits parts of your life, your identity, your occupation, your innermost… :

  • Taboos
  • Kink
  • Sex work
  • Desires

I am interested in how you experience and deal with taboos of aspects of polyamory – with your lovers, with your friends, in your family, community, culture, society… Where are the links between kink and poly and where are differences? … How does working in the sex industry change how you regard sex, intimacy, relationships? … Are there desires around relationships, sexuality, gender that you wish were possible but they clash with your current reality – or society? …

If it’s not you, totally fine. Maybe you know someone else who might be keen? Please pass it on!

Submissions to: jugglingtherainbow@gmail.com

By: November 10th, 2014

Cheers 🙂