Short trip to Europe

For December I will be in Europe and I have a few hard copies of JTR on me. If you are in Europe and you or an info shop/archive/zinefest are interested in one or more copies, please contact me and we can arrange cheap postage etc.

The call-out for submissions is still running hot. I had major issues with the old email and having had to close it down might have lead to missing out on some great stories. If you submitted something and have never heard back from me, it’s not because I didn’t think your contribution was worth consideration! Please email again to address above and I will get back to you asap.

Wellington zinefest was an interesting experience, although the zine scene is heavily influenced by artists and I have the slight feeling JTR was for most people an too out-of-it topic. The great thing to discover was, that the people who have similar guidelines around zine publishing as well as topics, are already my friends 🙂