Call-out for zine submissions: JTR issue 3

Dear friends & strangers near and far,

It IS time again to start collecting stories for JTR # 3. Here is the call-out to contemplate, to forward to others around the globe, your circle of friends and lovers; and to respond to (of course):

[For those who don’t know Juggling the Rainbow yet, it is a collection of personal reflecting stories about non-monogamous (non-exclusive, multiple loving) relationships and friendships. The idea is to share our experiences of creating relationship models beyond the norm of society. Much talk is about the struggles (boundaries, fears, jealousy) and equally much is about celebrating the joys (abundance, growth, friendship). All of us have differing ideas, needs and practices of how non-monogamous relationships can be lived and it seems that naturally those things also constantly change as we go along and live it].

As usual, there is no specific focus but “personal writings on non-monogamous relationships” (the idea is not so much to share academic/theoretical/ too philosophical work – I want the real-live-experience ;-).

Whatever angle you want to take, story to tell, medium suits your story best (poem, comic, interview, article, stencil, collage …) is up to you. If you need some inspirations to get you started, here is a list of loose themes or questions I collected:

– Why do I chose an alternative to monogamy?
– Jealousy and boundaries (negotiations)
– Poly – queer – race-ism – culture – gender
– Coming out as non-monogamous (perception/judgement/reaction of outsiders)
– Poly /alternatives & children
– Relationships, mental health and recovery
– Conflicts between mono needs and poly desires (between partners)
– Do multiple relationships effect my friendships?
– What practical stuff / tips can I give to others (eg. living/together, safer sex, time management)?
– How was/is the “opening up” process within an existing relationship?
– …

Please contact me (new email) for questions and submissions:

Deadline for submissions is 20th of January 2013. (Put this in your wall planner 😉
Please let me know what NAME / synonym you wish to publish your piece under!!
Articles that have been published elsewhere and fit in with the zine’s focus (personal story), are absolutely welcome.

I can’t wait to receive your stories and create another beautiful zine together.

with queer love & anticipation!