Inspirations by our zine

To the creators of the Juggling the Rainbow zine,

I want to say thank you. That zine has had a big influence on my life. I picked it up at Dunedin Zinefest last year. My girlfriend and I had been experimenting with a sort of non-monogamous relationship format for sometime, and I knew I did not feel or want to be monogamous, but your zine really consolidated all those ideas for me. From there, I bought Wendy O-Matik’s Redefining Our Relationships, learned the importance of defining my own relationships, and the zine also inspired me academically.
When I read it I was starting to think about what to write my honours dissertation on. Now it’s about a queer approach to polyamory, and the Otago University Library has ordered in many more books on the subject!
So, thank you so much. It’s such a great zine, one that I happily have shared with my friends who don’t understand my polyamory or want to develop their own sexualities in poly directions. I think that Juggling the Rainbow is great proof of the power of zines and the potential they can have.
It really meant a lot to me.