Zine Callout for JTR #4 – Taboos, Kink, Sex Work, Desires…

Curious & poly adventurous peeps!

It’s time for a new collection of our stories to create Juggling the Rainbow #4. It’s been a very long time coming!

For this issue I would like to focus on specific “underground” themes which have links and intersections with polyamory. Have a look if any of these speak to you or portraits parts of your life, your identity, your occupation, your innermost… :

  • Taboos*
  • Kink
  • Sex work
  • Desires

*The term “taboo” comes from the Tongan tapu or Fijian tabu (“prohibited”, “disallowed”, “forbidden”), related among others to the Māori tapu, Hawaiian kapu, Malagasy fady; introduced into English by Captain Cook. So colonially tinted in the way the Western world uses it!

I am interested in how you experience and deal with taboos of various aspects of polyamory – with your lovers, with your friends, in your family, community, culture, society… Where are the links between kink and poly and where are differences? … How does working in the sex industry change how you regard sex, intimacy, relationships? … Are there desires around relationships, sexuality, gender that you wish were possible but they clash with your current reality – or society? …

If it’s not you, totally fine. Maybe you know someone else who might be keen? Please pass it on!

Submissions to: jugglingtherainbow@gmail.com

By: February/March 2018

JTR zine discussed in 2015 issue of a feminist Missy Magazine in Germany


9 Strategies for non-oppressive polyamory

by Janani Balasubramanian

Polyamory doesn’t get a free pass at being radical without an analysis of power in our interactions.  It doesn’t stop with being open and communicative with multiple friends, partners, lovers, etc. We’ve got to situate those relationships in broader systems of domination, and recognize ways that dating and engaging people (multiple or not) can do harm within those systems.  Our intimate politics are often the mostly deeply seated; it’s hard work to do.  But I thought I’d get some conversation rolling by destabilizing poly as a ‘more radical than thou’ thing.  To that end, here’s a list of ways to do polyamory without being awful and oppressive:

Read full article HERE

Hard copies around the globe

Although my search for and networking with shops and zine distros around the world is totally still in the works – here are some of the places where JTR hard copies have made it so far:

The Freedom Shop (Wellington)

Sticky Institute (Melbourne)

Jura Books (Sydney)

Bus Stop Press (France)

Marching Stars (UK)

Bluestockings (NYC)

Have advised them all to sell zines for the price of the copy cost. Some shops may surcharge a tiny bit on top to maintain shop rent (fair enough).

If you know someone who runs a disto/shop and could be interested in stocking JTR, I’d be grateful if you could let me know.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! forward widely!

On Second Thought: non-primaries write about polyamory

Seeking zine submissions on your experiences with hierarchy in polyamorous relationships. What does that even mean? We wanna hear about your experiences with lots-of-rules poly, no-rules poly, and primary-secondary-etc structures in your poly relationships, whether explicitly negotiated, unspoken, accidental, or whatever. Especially seeking writings about your thoughts, feelings, experiences, mistakes, lessons learned, joyful surprises, etc, as a (current and/or former) non-primary partner, broadly speaking.

Send submissions by June 30th 2013 to onsecondthought@riseup.net

(This call out is not for Juggling the Rainbow but topically related zine).

Issue # 3 is OUT

Time flew and now, two month later, issue # 3 is finally out… oh joy! Another wonderful cover and another 10 interesting stories plus a comic fill the pages. I am really excited!

Go to Zine Downloads to find the PDF.

If you have feedback or criticism, it is most welcome.

Thanks to all the people exploring multiple loving, brave writers and curious readers!